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Isolation Symphony

Isolation Symphony’ from David Courtney is a concept album for these Covid-times, created wholly during the pandemic, that takes the listener on an emotional musical journey experience from ‘Lockdown’, through ‘Isolation’ to eventual ‘Liberty’. The album is issued on digital formats through Store For Music on 18 December 2020.


As David himself says, “Like most I became transfixed to the daily government briefings as global events involving Covid-19 unfolded and I found myself becoming more immersed as each day passed, particularly impressed by the dedication of front line workers, the soldiers caught in the midst of a war against an invisible enemy. 

In my opinion, the world needed a ‘reality check’ and maybe, just maybe, this was Nature’s way of doing exactly that. I very soon became drawn in and inspired and felt the need to express musically what I was witnessing and so what started out as a charity single in aid of the NHS Charities Together very soon evolved into a full on album project.”


‘Isolation Symphony’ by David Courtney is a beautifully observed portrait of a world changed in many ways beyond recognition in the blink of an eye. Daring not only to document the trials and tribulations but also to imagine and embrace what lies ahead when liberty is finally upon us, this is an edifying and important album.

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