Limited Edition postcard series of Isolation Symphony

  • Introducing a unique, groundbreaking, limited edition postcard series inspired by the latest album by David Courtney entitled "Isolation Symphony". An inventively produced concept album and epic soundtrack for The Lockdown Age combining rock and ambient styles. This lavish and visionary card series adds a further dimension to the music with its use of the surreal photographic imagery of Vanessa Champion, lyrics by David Courtney, and the poetry of "The Card Scene" magazine editor John Devaney. A blue-toned set of 12 beautifully produced cards together with a special Promo-Card for current single "We Are Where We Are". They provide direct links to the associated album tracks and You Tube video films. The perfect accompaniment to an evocatively topical and intensely moving musical creation.

  • UK Delivery - £1.75

    Europe Delivery - £3.75

    Row Delivery - £5.00