David Courtney is a Grammy-nominated award winning song writer and record producer who has sold in excess of 33 million records, worked with countless legendary names in music including: Leo Sayer – whom he discovered and co-wrote / produced hits for - Roger Daltrey, Sir Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, David Gilmour, Gene Pitney, Ritchie Blackmore, and many more.

David Courtney is the man behind the success of Leo Sayer and co-wrote many of his international hit records including: 'The show must go on' 'One man band' 'Giving it all away' & 'Long tall glasses'. He also wrote 'Shooting Star' & 'Who were you with in the moonlight' for UK Pop duo 'Dollar' and co-writer with Stephen Kalinich of the Odyssey hit 'Magic Touch' David is also the Founder of the Walk of Fame cultural attractions in the UK which follows in the tradition of its famous 'Hollywood' predecessor.

David Courtney has become the first British songwriter to receive the Tsarskoselskaya Art Award in Russia. He was given the accolade for his composing and production work on Russian artist Marina Kapuro’s 2016 album Matinee.The ceremony took place at the Imperial Tsarskoselsky Lyceum, St Petersburg, on 18 October.


Courtney said: ‘I was astounded when I received the news that I was to be given this prestigious award and I am extremely honoured and proud to be the first British composer to receive it.’ Matinee was released in June and is the first collaboration of its kind between a renowned Russian artist and a British composer.


Throughout his career, Courtney has worked with the likes of Roger Daltrey, David Gilmour, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton and Sir Paul McCartney.He is also credited with discovering Leo Sayer and co-wrote many of his hits.


Harry Nilsson once described David Courtney as the 'English Phil Spector'





In his autobiography ‘Oh Wot A Life’ David retraces his life journey which reads like a film script, a near death experience trapped inside an abandoned refrigerator at the age of 9, drummer in his own band at the age of 14, professional musician at the age 16, playing to the music elite in the sixties at the legendary ‘Bag O’ Nails’ club,  discovered Leo Sayer and co-wrote and produced many of his hits, 37 year friendship with  pop star, actor and businessman Adam Faith who he later discovered had cheated him out of substantial amounts of money, menacing encounter with the mafia involving Roger Daltrey,  his ‘Me Too ‘experience involving a top Hollywood film producer and the mysterious death of former is Venezuelan wife.

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Oh Wot a Life - Autobiography David Courtney retraces his incredible life journey...

Oh Wot A Life could only be described as a...

“Real life Rock Drama”

“Nothing in the Book is True but it’s Exactly

The Way It Happened “

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